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January 7, 2021

Today on RBDR: comScore EVP of Product Technology projects changes during 2021 and beyond in digital media, varied digital media platforms and digital audience measurement.

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Consumers: digital privacy kaput; Multiple tweets aid brands (RBDR–6/2/2014)

Monday June 2 on RBDR, sponsored by Toluna (, bringing people and brands together to improve decision making via the world’s largest social voting community.

1) A U.S. and UK consumer privacy study shows they have written off digital privacy as basically unavailable, yet 49% of them are indifferent about tracking them if they received brand offers.

2) Multiple tweets about a brand induce consumer behavior, according to a Twitter, ARF, Fox and DB5.

3) Google’s share of search engine activity may be significantly larger than the 67% reported by comScore.

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