Blackberry pursues health care; Google Glass: a Big Surgeon Solution? (PRVR–7/14-18/2014)

This week on Pharma Research VIDEO Report:  1) Blackberry tries out information solutions in health care to revive the business’ fortunes. Testing is underway in India.  2) The largest hospital group in the Carolinas is purchasing data to get a handle on two million patients’ lifestyle buying behavior.  3) A beta testing group, Glass Explorers, says surgeons will be making important use of Google Glass.  4) Best Practices LLC’s Chairman Chris Bogan discusses whether pharmaceutical company market research departments are sitting pretty with all the new information needs of senior managements.

MDs push mobile clinical apps; clinical apps to explode; Chris Bogan on Payer MR (PRVR–7/07/14)

This week on Pharma Research VIDEO Report: 1) Physicians have taken the next step with mobile health care devices, employing wearable tech to attempt to track patient progress and motivate activity. 2) Lux Research predicts a spike in clinical monitoring apps in the next 10 years that will make current personal mobile health care apps secondary in importance. 3) Best Practices LLC President & CEO Chris Bogan discusses his report, “Increasing Market Access Through Innovative Payer Market Research,” with a close look at why this research has become all consuming for pharmaceutical companies.