Suggestions for Pollsters so that Trump-like Victory is Not a Surprise | RBDR

November 28th, 2016. Today on RBDR:

1) AOL announces to its employees that a corporate restructuring will make DATA one of the three corporate focuses.

2) Andrew Grenville of MARU/Matchbox makes the case that election pollsters should create an online community that it can return to over an extended period of a campaign. It can shine a light on changes in voter attitudes and behavior, making it far more valuable than one-time survey takers.

3) Recommended viewing: this week’s Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN for a segment he produced with Steven Johnson concerning the traditional positive impact of “fun,” which points to research’s adoption of gamification as an important initiative.

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FCC Strengthening 1991 TCPA rules. eMarketer “MultiScreen” insights (RBDR 6.2.2015)

Today on RBDR: 1) The FCC is poised to toughen provisions in the Telephone Consumer Privacy Act, which MRA Director of Government Affair Howard Fienberg warns will have major deleterious effects on market research. 2) eMarketer’s “MultiScreen Usage Roundup” shares insights about marketers’ reachout to eye-wandering consumers.

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Algorithm gender. Brainwave group technology. High School analytics course. (RBDR 5.21.2015)

Today on RBDR: 1) Smartphone app algorithm is said to be able to identify with 92% accuracy the gender of the user. 2) Brainwave technology has been developed to identify the leader of a group. Its greatest use could be building group cohesion where it is most coveted. 3) Mu Sigma creates and launches the first high school analytics course.

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