40 under 40 nabs four MR execs. Jeff Goldstein talks qual/quant client benefits. (RBDR 03.24.2016)

Today on RBDR: 1) Advertising Age’s “40 under 40” includes four research-related marketing executives. 2) AcuPOLL President Jeff Goldstein fills us in on four specific ways that a qual/quant process can uniquely benefit a client.

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American Comm Survey cuts queries. RBDR Qual/Quant Client of the Year (RBDR 12.2.2014)

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On today’s RBDR: 1) The Census Bureau’s American Community Survey plans on cutting 7 questions from the questionnaire that goes out to 3.5 million Americans annually. 2) RBDR’s “Client of the Year Award” for the Qual/Quant category is announced.