Cos. dropping digital agencies (a trend?). Data extending CMO tenures. (RBDR 7.28.2015)

Today: 1) SoDA reports a drastic drop in the percentage of companies that are now executing digital marketing without an outside agency. 2) CMO tenures have been extended over the past nine years for technology and data reasons. RBDR is sponsored today and this week by Market Probe, which for over 30 years has ensured […]

RN’s breakthrough US polling sample. Microsoft multipurpose DIY MR tool.(RBDR 7.27.2015)

Today: 1) A look at Research Now’s breakthrough sample for U.S. pollsters. 2) Microsoft has launched “Pulse for Market Research,” a grab bag of DIY tools and techniques specifically designed for the market research industry. 3) Survey-writing specialist David Harris concludes his comments about how industry survey-writing can happen. RBDR is sponsored today and this […]

MR layoffs at Gen Mills, Kraft Heinz & Hershey (RBDR 7.23.2015)

Today on RBDR: With CPG companies experiencing continuing financial challenges, layoffs have begun, including significant numbers in the research function at several major corporations. RBDR is sponsored by Socratic Technologies, whose proprietary tools and methodologies tackle marketing complexities so that you can make more confident business decisions. Visit Don’t spend your time “searching” for […]

Survata gains $6 mil funding. David Harris’ book on writing better surveys. (RBDR 7.22.2015)

Today on RBDR: 1) Survata, which entered the research market with a Google Consumer Survey-like research tool, earns a $6 million investment. 2) David Harris, for 25 years a senior pharmaceutical market research executive, is so disturbed by the state of survey questionnaire writing that he decided to write a book to help the profession […]

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