TAM merges with BARC in India. Unilever Foundry adds Crowdsourcing. (RBDR 9.1.2015)

Today on the Research Business DAILY Report: 1) TAM Media Research gets its foot back into India’s TV ratings business by merging with BARC, the nation’s current TV ratings provider. 2) Unilever expands the scope of its Foundry innovation collaboration program with expansion into Crowdsourcing. 3) The Next Generation Market Research group is accepting nominations […]

Oracle buys Maxymizer. Google Glass returning. (RBDR 8.31.2015)

Today on RBDR: 1) Oracle enters an agreement to buy Maxymizer, boosting its Web viewing measurement and analysis. 2) New statistics reveal companies are shifting their focus and spending from customer channels to tracking the full customer journey and new evidence of the TV-Twitter connection, and its benefits. 3) Multiple reports says Google Glass is […]

Procurement on MR 2015 buys. UnMetric’s SM CI service. New mobile uses. (RBDR 8.20.2015)

Today on RBDR: 1) ProcurementLeader.com releases its report on new trends in market research acquisition so far in 2015 2) UnMetric launches its SENSE service, delivering competitive intelligence tracking of 35,000 brands from 27 different industries. 3) Instant.ly shares some of its latest new uses of mobile research. RBDR is sponsored by Socratic Technologies, whose […]

CASRO, MRA appeal to FCC re TCPA. “LUCID” to improve sample, its use. (RBDR 8.19.2015)

Today on RBDR: 1) CASRO and MRA appeal to the FCC to change or lighten its TCPA regulations prohibiting use of automated dialers to mobile phones. 2) Federated Sample officially changes it company name today, to LUCID, and CEO Patrick Comer explains the more important implications of this change–the better, more complete software servicing that […]

Seniors now car mkters’ focus. Why campaigns need mobile. Ad viewability down. (RBDR 8.18.2015)

Today on RBDR: 1) Automakers have discovered a bustling new market: seniors. 2) The Mobile Marketing Association SPOX study, conducted by Marketing Evolution & InsightExpress, pinpoints the percentage of a campaign that should be devoted to mobile in order to maximize its impact. 3) There may not be an accepted measurement for advertising viewability, but […]

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