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Week of November 23 – 25, 2015

No RBDR on Thursday, November 26th in observance of Thanksgiving.


11/25/2015: Pew reveals more app data leaks. 10 things MRers should be thankful for.


11/24/2015: Political polling and SurveyMonkey. Research data Facebook can bring to MR.


11/23/2015: Fox abandons overnight ratings. Yahoo Mail may restrict ad blocking.







Week of November 16 – 19, 2015


11/19/2015: SM marketing vs. traditional. Notable MR award winners. MRC issues SM guidelines.


11/18/2015: Plugging smartphones’ many data leaks. How IBM Watson aids users.


11/17/2015: Government interest in Facebook. Microsoft launches Project Oxford.








11/16/2015: Diageo re-emphasizes consumer research. NRG reportedly finds buyer.







Week of November 9 – 12, 2015


11/12/2015: CPG performance. Leo Shapiro passes. Google on apps and A.I.


11/11/2015: The scary new robodialer replacement. Palantir Tech is 1 MR game-changing startup.


11/10/2015: Larry Friedman talks future of MR. Bad data inhibits enhanced decision-making.








11/9/2015: Bluegrass fires pollster. comScore & GfK honored. Signals: insights without staff?







Week of November 2 – 6, 2015


11/6/2015: J.D. Power for sale. Facebook member usage under scrutiny.


11/4/2015: Exclusive interview with GfK NA CEO on more use of passive data.


11/3/2015: Contagious Index improves SM measurement. Common sense re ad blocking.







11/2/2015: Exclusive interview with CASRO and MRA about merger.







Week of October 26 – 29, 2015


10/29/2015: Cambiar survey highlights MR developments. Facebook’s legal struggles with data.


10/28/2015: Surprising MR collaboration in book MR. Ad blocking turns advertisers to mobile.


10/27/2015: Free TiVo TV ratings. Alphabet rolls retail search tool. 2 Twitter MR tools.







10/26/2015: Campaign optimizing to the minute. NFL goes webcast & global.







RealPlayer Cloud maintains an archive of RBDR videos going back approximately six months from the newest edition found at the top of this page. For a more extensive archive of previous RBDR videos going back to 2012, please visit our YouTube channel by clicking here.

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